Welcome to the Media Studio

The Studio provides a cutting-edge learning environment and allows the students to gain experience working with industry-standard equipment and applications—all with a focus on ministry. Some of the room’s features are described below; take a look around, and welcome to the Studio.

Guided instruction of industry-standard software

Running on high-performance iMac workstations

Learn to master Adobe Photoshop and create amazing graphics or design web UI. Edit raw video with Adobe Premiere Pro and add in audio, effects, and motion graphics. Design vector graphics and brand identity elements using Adobe Illustrator. Master photography post-processing with Adobe Lightroom. Use Adobe InDesign to create page layouts and print them using the Studio’s wide format 9-color printer.

Mac Pro Server and 24TB Storage Array

These control portable user accounts and data storage so students can log onto any iMac workstation and pick up working where they left off.

Large-format Printing Equipment

Large- and medium-format printers are available in print-related courses for students to learn both how to use professional printing equipment and how to design for it.

The room features high-end iMac computers for each student and a 24 terabyte storage array for storing design and video projects, as well as provides the students with hands-on experience using shared assets on networked storage.

An 80″ LED TV is used for presenting instructional materials, displaying the contents of any screen in the room, and sharing student work for peer critique.